Saudia Arabia will receive 1 Million Chloroquine tablets from Pakistan

Chloroquine tablets
Chloroquine tablets

Saudia Arabia will receive 1 Million Chloroquine tablets from Pakistan. The Special directives by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, to help the countries during these difficult times. Medicine is primarily used for malaria treatment and prevention. Many countries are discussing the effectiveness of the tablets against the COVID-19. The demand is increasing globally but no end result has been officially declared. Kingdom has already used these medicines before for the patients with positive COVID-19 cases. More Details below.

Saudia Arabia will receive 1 Million Chloroquine tablets from Pakistan

Pakistan will be sending at least 9 million chloroquine tablets to some countries. Pakistan already has 40 million stock of these tablets in finished form and raw material for another 40 million pills. These countries will get these pills to include:

  • Saudi Arabia – 1 Million Tablets
  • United Kingdom – 5 Million Tablets
  • The United States of America – 1 Million
  • Turkey – Half million
  • Italy – Half Million
  • Qatar – 300,000
  • and Kazakhstan – 700,000

“In this testing time, we’re exporting theses tablets to friendly nations that have always helped Pakistan,” Awan said.

(Arab News Pakistan, 2020)

“The export of tablets will help strengthen our relationship with humanity,” Awan said.

(Arab News Pakistan, 2020)
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