Saudi Visa on arrival for Pakistanis and Indians

saudi visa on arrival
saudi visa on arrival

Yes, you read it correctly, Pakistanis, Indians and other Asian country nationals can also get Saudi Visa on arrival. Applicants who wish to obtain the visa on arrival will need to fulfil the following requirements for travelling to Saudi Arabia. More Details below.

Saudi Visa on arrival for Pakistanis and Indians

In order to obtain the visa on arrival and travel to the Kingdom. Nationals of the countries beside 49 eligible for e-visa need to fulfil the following requirements.

  • A Valid UK, USA or Schengen visit/tourist visa holder can travel to Saudi Arabia and obtain a visa on arrival. But the visa should have been used at least once before travelling to Saudi Arabia.
  • The visitors will need to travel via Saudi Airlines or other Saudi based airlines such as Flynas.
  • You will also need to pay SAR 440 by a valid credit or debit card in Saudi Arabia. Cash facility is not confirmed, so don’t take the risk. This is approximately Pakistani PKR 18,000 and Indian INR 8,500.

Travellers will not be allowed to travel if they don’t fulfil the above conditions. Please note Permanent residence visas or any other visa classes are not eligible for this visa from UK, USA or Schengen Countries. Umrah can be performed on this visa but Hajj cannot be performed. Extra requirements for Hajj.

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