Saudi Arabia allowed PIA to continue flight operation for 2 weeks

Saudi allowed PIA flight
Saudi allowed PIA flight

Saudi Arabia allowed PIA to continue flight operation for 2 weeks to take back Pakistani Umrah Pilgrims: Ambassador Raja Ali Ejaz

Saudi Arabia allowed PIA to continue flight operation for 2 weeks

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – “As of today, there are approximately 15,000 Umrah pilgrims present in the Kingdom. Necessary arrangements made for their early return to Pakistan”. The Ambassador of Pakistan Raja Ali Ejaz in an emergency press conference today.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh and the Consulate General of Pakistan in Jeddah are cognizant of the difficulties faced by the Pakistani Umrah pilgrims as a result of the suspension of all international flights by the Kingdom from 1100 hours today.

General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), and Pakistan International Airlines

Both the Missions are in regular contact with the relevant authorities, particularly, Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), and Pakistan International Airlines, for their safe and early return to Pakistan.

The Two Missions have constituted a three-member committee (each) comprising of senior officers for the guidance of this Umrah zaireen as well as Pakistanis (holding valid residencies) who are on leave in Pakistan and waiting for their return to the Kingdom. These committees are working extensively to provide necessary information to our nationals.

Additionally, due to the continuous efforts of the Government of Pakistan, the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation has allowed Pakistan International Airlines to continue their operations from Jeddah and Medinah for the next two weeks starting from Monday, 16th March 2020. However, PIA would only be allowed to bring empty flights to take the Umrah pilgrims back to Pakistan. GACA has cautioned that PIA may dissuade from carrying Pakistanis holding valid Iqama, as they may not be allowed to return to the Kingdom within the next two weeks.

In addition to the establishment of facilitation desks at the Jeddah and Madinah airports. The local immigration authorities have also requested to facilitate the Umrah pilgrims whose visas have expired due to the non-availability of flights.

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