PTI Women wing discussed COVID situation & its impact on the community


Javeria Asad, Khobar – PTI Women wing KSA online Meeting was executed on 10th May 2020 on PTI Journalist Forum Saudi Arabia.
The meeting agenda was based on reviewing the current COVID situation and its effects on the community.

PTI Women wing discussed COVID situation & its impact on the community

Mr. Aqeel Arain was invited as a special guest who responded extensively to all the queries asked by the secretaries and enlightened the structuring of the PTI body working in KSA.

The session hosted by the Secretary Journalist forum Urooj Asghar Khan and attended by all the women Secretaries including KSA Secretary Sanaa Shoaib, Deputy Secretary KSA Bazgha Ayoub Binoo, Dammam Secretary Javeria Asad, Makkah Secretary Anila Raza, Jeddah Secretary Sarah Qamar Fahad, Deputy Secretary Jeddah Nadia Usman.

All Secretaries shared details of current issues confronted by the overseas Pakistanis in their cities and updated the team about their efforts they put up to facilitate the community.

Furthermore all the attendees discussed future strategies to govern the women wing KSA adequately with mutual teamwork and harmony.

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