PhD Student Luisa Javier at KAUST receives medal of recognition as “Distinguished Mexican Abroad”

luisa javier riyadh xpress
luisa javier riyadh xpress


Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – Luisa Javier, PhD Mexican student in Engineering and Environmental Sciences at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), was recognized by the Government of Mexico with the Distinguished Mexicans Abroad Award.

The award is given annually to Mexicans with outstanding careers in various fields of knowledge, for contributing to their community and strengthening the image of Mexico abroad.

Luisa Javier is Co-founder and General Director of “Wayakit”, a hygiene biotechnology company that developed a technology capable of eliminating viruses and bacteria in seconds.

The company name comes from the Mayan word ‘Wayak’ which means ‘a vision beyond dreams’ and its products have been used to disinfect the most important airports in Saudi Arabia from COVID19.

During the ceremony, Ambassador of Mexico, Anibal Gómez Toledo, stated that “Luisa’s research and innovation activities have led her to achieve her own vision of going beyond her dreams and gender, thereby contributing to the battle against COVID19 worldwide.”

Acceptance Speech

In her acceptance speech, Luisa Javier said it was an honor to receive this recognition and explained that Wayakit’s success is based on teamwork. She thanked Co-founder, Sandra Medina, and stated that since she arrived in the Kingdom 11 years ago, she has been motivated by the Saudi women she has met −from athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, and mothers− who have achieved a vision beyond their dreams and their gender.

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