Oxford Vaccine shows immunity from COVID – Detailed Report released

Oxford Vaccine
Oxford Vaccine

Oxford Vaccine shows immunity from COVID-19 but the most important news is that it is safe for humans. The authors of the report have further detailed about the group selected for the study. Here are some important points from the report:

Oxford Vaccine shows immunity from COVID – Detailed Report released

  • Researchers involved in the study of Oxford University Vaccine started trials in April. These initial trials included 1,000 people and half of these for the experimental vaccine.
  • Dual Immunity was seen in the age group of 18-55 for study with the help of COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Some minor side effects have been found but these can be reduced with the help of paracetamol. These minor side effects include Fatigue & Headache. No Serious side effects found so far as per the report.
  • Antibody response found in all participants. These antibodies worked as neutralizers and blocking infection.
  • The Vaccine helped in fighting against Coronavirus by causing a reaction in the body’s T-Cells.
  • However, more research and trials are required to release it to general public. But this gives further hope to people. Older Adults will also be part of the next trials to test the vaccine results.

A detailed report in the pdf file below. This is released by Lancet.

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