New Workers Housing rules and fines up to SAR 10,000 announced

New Workers Housing rules and fines up to SAR 10,000 announced

New Workers Housing rules and fines up to SAR 10,000 announced. According to the Acting Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Majed Al-Huqail’s approval, the new rules and regulations should be followed. Failure to comply with the following rules may result in fines between SAR 5,000-10,000. The violation or penalties multiplied in each case. The rules are applied to male and female workers’ housing as part of precautionary measures of COVID-19.

New Workers Housing rules and fines up to SAR 10,000 announced

  • Housing units for male and female workers should be separate regardless of employer camp or rented. The minimum space of 12 square meters should be the distance between each worker’s accommodation. The measure is in place to maintain the social distancing measure.
  • Supervisors or responsible persons for housing must inform the authorities in case of any disease or infections. Any Catering hall, tables, and chairs washed and sterilized.
  • The worker’s housing shall obtain approval from the municipality of renting or construction. The residential area of singles or bachelors must not be in the family residential area. Also, it should be 500 meters away from any school’s and girls’ dormitories.
  • The accommodation should have natural health factors so there are sunlight and fresh air. Any unpleasant odors, dust or gas should be sorted right away.
  • Accommodation of workers should be boundaries of the urban areas so they can stay away from smoke, dust or any waste.
  • The ground floor of accommodation elevated to avoid any water floods. Any necessary requirements like electricity and water for human consumption should be available.
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