New Luxury holiday destination in Saudi Arabia

New Luxury holiday destination in Saudi Arabia
New Luxury holiday destination in Saudi Arabia

New Luxury holiday destination in Saudi Arabia; Saudi Arabia is elevating its ambitions with the introduction of Soudah Peaks, a forthcoming upscale mountain destination set to debut in Aseer in the year 2033.

The announcement of this exciting venture came from His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who holds the titles of Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs. He unveiled the Kingdom’s visionary strategy for the Soudah mountain area.

New Luxury holiday destination in Saudi Arabia

Encompassing an impressive area of 627 square kilometers, this development will perch at an elevation of 3,015 meters above sea level, making it the highest mountain peak in Saudi Arabia. It is set to offer 2,700 guest accommodations, 1,336 residential units, a diverse array of over 30 attractions, and an expansive 80,000 square meters of commercial space.

Moreover, this destination will be organized into six distinct zones, namely Tahlal, Sahab, Sabrah, Jareen, Rijal, and Red Rock.

The ambitious project will stretch from Soudah to a portion of Rijal Almaa, a historic village with a legacy spanning 900 years, located approximately 50 kilometers west of Abha in the Aseer region.

Within each zone, a variety of amenities will be available to visitors, encompassing options like hotels, opulent mountain resorts, charming chalets, villas, estate plots, as well as a diverse range of entertainment and commercial offerings.

Furthermore, the destination will showcase outdoor attractions that span sports, adventure, wellness, and cultural experiences.

Soudah Peaks is poised to provide premium hospitality services to more than two million guests annually, with its design seamlessly incorporating elements of tradition and distinctive architecture.

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