Mosques Guidelines must be followed for all prayers and Friday prayer

king fahd mosque xr 1
king fahd mosque xr 1

Mosques Guidelines must be followed for all prayers and Friday prayer. Ministry of Islamic Affairs has updated the guidelines which are published by the official channels. This is to make sure that proper social distancing and health advice are followed at all times. The measures will make sure that there is no further spread of coronavirus. Below are more details which you will notice in mosques.

Mosques Guidelines – For all Prayers

  • Open 15 minutes before the call to prayer (for worshippers) and closing them 10 minutes after praying.
  • Maintaining a reduction in the waiting period between the Azan and Jamaa’t (10) minutes.
  • Opening windows and doors from entering time to the end of the prayer.
  • Lifting the Holy Qur’an and books temporarily.
  • Worshipers to leave a distance of 2 m between each other.
  • Leave a blank space between each row.
  • All water coolers and refrigerators closed. Not to allow the distribution of water or food in the mosque, or anything else.
  • Toilets and places of ablution closed.

Mosques Guidelines – Friday Prayer

All above and some more added for Friday Prayer.

  • Firstly, Crowded Mosque takes extra measures in maintaining the distance. A 2-meter minimum distance recommended.
  • Secondly, the first call to prayer (20) minutes before the prayer begins.
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