Locusts burgers are a new trend in Saudi Arabia

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Locusts burgers are a new trend in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, a rising culinary trend involves exploring locust-based dishes, such as the innovative and budget-friendly ‘locust burger.’ With locust season in full swing, enthusiasts are experimenting with different cooking methods at home. The standout creation, priced at approximately SR7.50, comprises burger buns, locusts, onions, ketchup, and customizable toppings.

Locusts burgers are a new trend in Saudi Arabia

Locust aficionados share their hunting, purchasing (bags of about 100 locusts for 50 riyals), and cooking experiences on social media. The preparation typically involves cooking the locusts alive in water, adding ingredients like onions and oil. Some opt to pair them with lettuce, while others have pioneered the locust burger.

Prominent Saudi social media influencers actively promote these dishes. Iyad Al Hamoud encourages consuming Saudi locust meals, emphasizing their value over pricier imported options like the Swiss locust snack. Meshal Al Gharib, another content creator, shares a video of a locust vendor, highlighting pesticide-free, natural harvesting methods.

Public opinion in Saudi Arabia on consuming locusts varies. Some see it as a personal choice or ancestral tradition, citing clerics noting Prophet Muhammad’s consumption of locusts. Others associate it with poverty and deem it unnecessary given the variety of available foods.

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