Highest prayer room world record by Makkah with views of Holy Mosque

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img 4982 1.jpg

Highest prayer room world record by Makkah: Guinness World Records has officially acknowledged Saudi Arabia for achieving a new global milestone with the inauguration of the world’s highest hanging prayer room.

Highest prayer room world record by Makkah

Situated an awe-inspiring 483 meters above sea level, this architectural marvel, located within the Address Jabal Omar Mecca Hotel’s bridge, provides unparalleled vistas of the Kaaba and other significant religious landmarks in Mecca.

Beyond its engineering achievement, the 650-tonne steel bridge, assembled at 312 meters above ground using cutting-edge technology, stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity and creative prowess, connecting the hotel’s twin towers across floors 36, 37, and 38.

The prayer hall, with a capacity for 520 worshippers in a spacious 550-square-meter area, seamlessly blends traditional Arabic designs with modern luxury. Adorned with Arabic calligraphy featuring the names of Allah, it reflects a rich Islamic heritage. Worshippers in this sacred space experience a serene ambiance, with Fajr prayers allowing them to witness the sunrise over Mecca, while the chapel is bathed in warm hues during sunset.

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