King Salman Addresses the nation and updates on Coronavirus

King Salman Addresses the nation and updates on Coronavirus

King Salman Addresses the nation and updates on Coronavirus. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken many extra measures and the world is learning from it. The Country which took the measures to safeguard its citizens and residents. Below are some important points mentioned during the address.

King Salman Addresses the nation and updates on Coronavirus

King Salman and the Government of Saudi Arabia is taking every measure possible. Below are some of the points which the King mentioned:

  • King Salman Bin Abdulaziz started the speech with an update on the current situation. The current situation includes 274 positive cases in Saudi Arabia.
  • The King mentioned that Saudi Arabia is taking every precautionary measure to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
  • Saudi Arabia’s King said that Saudis are showing strength in dealing with the outbreak.
  • His Highness also mentioned that he will do everything to maintain and preserve the health of people of the nation.
  • King Salman also said that the next stage of this outbreak will be difficult for every country or globally.
  • Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia is taking all the measures necessary to fight against this virus.
  • He also mentioned that the Government is working on essential items and necessities which everyone needs during this time. (Source: Saudi Television)
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