Jawazat operations for Eid Holidays and timings

Jawazat extend exit re entry
Jawazat extend exit re entry

Jawazat operations for Eid Holidays and timings mentioned by the Director of Passports/Jawazat in the Riyadh Region. Major General Mohammed bin Nayef Al-Habbas confirmed the continuation of the work of the Passports Department of the region and its provinces during the Eid Al-Adha holiday to receive and end procedures for emergency and necessary cases only that cannot be postponed or implemented through services.

Jawazat operations for Eid Holidays and timings

The electronic services “Absher and Muqeem” are open, for messaging and request service via the Absher platform.
The Jawazat of the Riyadh region and its branches continue to provide services to the beneficiaries who have urgent cases that require completion during the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday, knowing that the following branches will be operating:

  1. The Rimal branch of Jawazat ( إدارة جوازات الرمال وتعمل) operates in the evening only from four in the afternoon until nine in the evening, From Friday 3/12/1441 AH until the end of working hours on Thursday 9/12/1441 AH.
  2. Sahara Center Passports Section, the Women’s Section operates from two o’clock in the afternoon until eight o’clock in the evening, from Saturday 4/12/1441 AH until the end of working hours on Thursday 9/12/1441 AH.

Major General Al-Habbas called on citizens and residents to take advantage of electronic passport services (Absher, Absher business, resident, letters and requests) through which passport services can be implemented electronically without the need to visit passport departments.

Source: Saudi Press Agency, 2020

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