Janadriyah Festival delayed by the Ministry of Culture

Janadriyah Festival
Janadriyah Festival

Janadriyah Festival delayed by the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Culture announced the postponement of the date of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture “Janadriyah” until the first quarter of 2021AD, in the event that the health conditions are favorable for attending large human gatherings such as that characterized by a popular festival the size of the Janadriyah Festival, and the delay came to ensure the safety of the festival’s visitors and implementation of decisions The state related to precautionary measures to prevent emerging corona virus and to protect members of society from its repercussions.

Janadriyah Festival delayed by the Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture had previously set the month of November 2020 AD as the date for the establishment of the first session of the Janadriyah Festival, which will be administered by the Ministry after Cabinet Resolution No. 645, which includes transferring the task of organizing and organizing the festival from the Ministry of National Guard to the Ministry of Culture.

The Ministry of Culture has prepared a vision for developing the cultural content for the next session of the festival, which includes providing various activities, programs and activities that reflect the depth of the national heritage, according to a three-year strategic improvement plan for the festival, based on a series of multiple meetings and workshops, with experts and intellectuals, to develop the festival and enrich it with content A cultural diversity that makes it an international cultural platform that attracts visitors from different countries of the world, and at a level that reflects the civilization renaissance experienced by the Kingdom in light of the 2030 vision.

Ministry’ Investment and improvement

In parallel, the Ministry of Culture has invested during the past period in developing the infrastructure of the Janadriyah Festival and improving it in terms of construction, designs and facilities, in order to align the festival site with the cultural vision through which the ministry seeks to provide an integrated experience for visitors, in which the quality of the place is consistent with the depth of the content and its richness.

The decision to postpone the date of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture “Janadriyah” came from November 2020 AD to the first quarter of 2021AD, in the context of the continuous interaction by the Ministry of Culture with the official directives related to the emerging Corona Virus pandemic, and in order to ensure successful cultural events that adhere to the highest safety standards And safety for its visitors, with the aim of ensuring that the Janadriyah Festival appears at the appropriate level, as an ancient national festival that enjoys a high rate of visits from various nationalities.

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