Your Iqama is now your health insurance card

health insurance
health insurance

Great News for the people living in Saudi Arabia. Council of Cooperative Health Insurance said that Iqama can be now used as Health Insurance Card. The purpose of the campaign is clear on their banner. “We have made it easier for you”.

CCHI is trying to reduce complications and trying to centralize everything. The concept is great where one national identity is enough to get services. This is a similar type of service in United Kingdom where the National Insurance Number is a unique identifier.

The Insured individual doesn’t need to present their health care insurance company card anymore. The process will start from January 2020 but it may take some time to take effect. Individuals can search for their health insurance status online. Here is how you can search for it.

How to Check your Health Insurance online?

The first step is to the visit CCHI website. Here is the link. You can also visit, go to E-Services -> look for insurance E-Services.

You will need the National Identification Card (Iqama) to access the information. The second box must be filled with Code shown in the image.

You will find all the information on the screen including policy number and expiry date.

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  1. […] Expatriates will only need Iqama to use Health Insurance. Already in action and started, click here to read more. […]

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