50 People caught on Harassment charges by Riyadh Police

Harassment charges
Harassment charges

Riyadh Police has caught 50 people on Harassment charges. Most of these cases happened recently. Another 51 people were also detained for public decorum violations. The government and police implemented the anti-harassment and public decorum laws to safeguard the rights of everyone.

Riyadh Police Lt. Col. Shaker Bin Sulaiman Al-Twajiri mentioned. “This is in addition to taking the regulatory measures for carrying out the penalties stated in the anti-harassment regulation against the 50.”

Public decency and clothing mentioned on many websites earlier this year. The Public Decorum Charter mentions Religion, Public Behaviour, Dressing, Alcohol and other types of violations. Here is an example of dressing from visit Saudi website.

Picture from visa.visitsaudi.com

Police arrested culprits after the complaints from residents. The sources mention that “there were 22 men and 29 women violators”. The violations include inappropriate clothing in public areas. The number of women violators is more than men. This is not common in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has opened the doors for many people. However, the laws and rules clearly mention maintaining certain decency in public areas. It is common in any country to implement certain laws but these laws help citizens and tourists visiting those countries.


The Violations were mentioned in details on Visit Saudi Website. There were also fines mentioned after the release of public decency laws. The Fines range from SAR 50 to 6,000.

The code also mentions about hate, racism, discrimination and indecent behaviour. There is a fine of up to SAR 3,000 for indecent behaviour which include acts of sexual nature.

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