Winter at Tantora Festival – This is real Saudi Arabia

tantora festival
tantora festival

Saudi Arabia is bringing 3 months of entertainment for people around the world. Winter at Tantora Festival will be one of the biggest entertainment places ever. The series of exclusive events will take place on weekends from 19 December 2019 – 7th March 2020. The visitors will be experiencing the diverse cultural events and activities like never before.

Here is the list of some unforgettable festival experience you can enjoy at the Tantora Festival.

Luxury Camp in the middle of nowhere

During the Tantora Festival, you will be able to enjoy luxury like never before. There are many packages which can be reserved as per the budget. Each Package include flights, hotel, food, tour, and other activities. There are some limited offers for one-day packages on their website. Here is a link to their website.

Balloon Festival at Tantora

The Sunrise Balloon Ride will be the most amazing experience ever. Such type of activities was never seen in Saudi Arabia before. The flight will be over Hegra which is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gorgeous sunrise experience will be breathtaking.

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Winter Park at Tantora Festival

Visitors will be able to experience street food from a variety of food trucks. Saudi Arabia is known to be one of the most diverse places when it comes to food. Experiencing luxury doesn’t have to empty stomach. Make sure you visit the winter park as part of the package.

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Maraya Concerts and Performances

The Tantora Festival will also have music festivals and performances from international and national celebrities. Enrique Iglesias and Lionel Richie. Here is a list of our favorite stars by date in case you want to attend their concert with the experience:

  • Jamiroquai – 24th January 2020
  • Yanni – 7th February 2020
  • Enrique Iglesias and Gipsy Kings – 21st February 2020
  • Lionel Richie and Craig David – 27th – 29th February 2020

The Festival includes the rides to the festival. However, this is the location of the actual place.

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