Indian envoy issues special guidelines for 41 Indian schools in KSA to sustain COVID -19 challenges

Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia announce 10 dead around 186 infected due to COVID–19 pandemic
Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia announce 10 dead around 186 infected due to COVID–19 pandemic

Indian schools to ensure all students are able to attend the virtual classes

  • Indian Ambassador

Shahzeen Eram, Riyadh- Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, announced a series of supportive measures for the Indian schools in wake of the coronavirus situation.

Indian Ambassador who is the patron of the entire fraternity of 10 International Indian Schools spread across all regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said: “With the outbreak of COVID-19 and changing paradigms, the Embassy of India is seized with the concerns of our diaspora and its impact on the community.”
  “Embassy is concerned for the welfare of all students of the Indian schools.”
The Indian embassy is taking continuous insights and has issued requisite guidelines to ensure the smooth operation of the schools with respect to the prevailing situation due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic.
The Ambassador, on Saturday, held virtual meetings with the higher board and management committee of schools to officiate discussions regarding the pressing needs of the education sector of both government and private Indian schools working in the Kingdom.
In regard, a new circular was issued from the Ambassador’s office that assured that ‘no school employees will be retrenched and the school staff will continue to receive their current salary although minor modifications to allowances and increments are expected.
 The notification stressed that “All Indian students must be allowed to access on-line classes irrespective of fee default. No restrictions should be applied in allowing them to attend virtual classes overall.”
 Also, under the new directive, only tuition fees shall be paid by parents while all miscellaneous fees will be laid off till the lockdown period.
Dr. Sayeed has requested teachers to be more compassionate to the children so that their creativity remains alive during this period and ensure that they remain productive and engaged in these challenging times.

All Schools have been advised to make a school outreach and be sympathetic to the requirements and assistance projected by parents.
The embassy also announced that the school managements will soon be implementing standard education software for distance learning, where, the costs for implementation of distance learning packages will be considered through tuition fees for the lockdown period.

Further, the directives also laid that emerging situation and concessions provided will be reviewed by the embassy in consultation with the higher board and management committee of the International Indian schools on 01 June 2020.
Status quo would be reverted to post COVID-19 after reviewing of finances. Higher Board shall be issuing necessary directions to all International Indian Schools in this regard.

All privately owned CBSE Schools in the Kingdom. must also adopt similar steps, the Ambassador strongly recommended. 
The Ambassador has been appraised largely by community members especially parents from an unorganized work sector whose wards were unable to attend classes due to non-payment of school fees of their children amid COVID circumstances.
 “We are thankful for his timely humanitarian decision,” said Md. Haris, a community leader from Riyadh presiding for Indian social forum.
Following directives from the Ministry of education, in the first week of April, all 41 governments and privately run Indian schools here, have successfully implemented their new academic session with virtual online classes during COVID lockdown throughout the Kingdom. Around 45,000 Indian students are enrolled in the Indian embassy schools alone.
Ambassador Sayeed said “The Embassy is monitoring all developments in the Kingdom and is dedicated to providing assistance to entire cross-section of the Indian community, in consultation with the concerned Ministries of the Kingdom. We are thankful to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman for ensuring a safe country of residence for over 2.6 million Indian diaspora.

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