Free Iqama Renewal for three months automatically by Jawazat

Free Iqama Renewal for three months automatically by Jawazat

Free Iqama Renewal for three months automatically by Jawazat. This is one of the good news which Jawazat has mentioned on their official twitter page. People will really benefit from this during these difficult times. Previously, Jawazat also mentioned about Exit Re-Entry Visa Extension outside the Kingdom. More details on Free Iqama Renewal below.

Free Iqama Renewal for three months automatically by Jawazat

The Iqama will be automatically renewed for 3 months. This is for people whose expiry from 20/03/2020 until 30/06/2020. The Government is supporting people to minimize any financial caused by the current pandemic situation. This is applied to people working in commercial roles inside and outside the Kingdom. For people outside the Kingdom where they are stuck, they should still confirm their dates via Absher or employer.

Another question asked by a professional accountant below. Jawazat answered that there will be no fees for 3 months. The commercial professions where the expiry is from 20/03/2020 until 30/06/2020. The Arabic date on iqama should be between 1441/7/23هـ وحتى1441/11/9هـ. Below are the official tweets by Jawazat or Directorate General of Passports.

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  1. If iqama 3 year expired
    Can renew???

  2. I put exit on 10th march so my last date for departure was 10th may but due to no availability of flight what is the solution please guide

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