Exit Re-Entry Visa Extension outside the Kingdom

Exit Re Entry Visa Extension outside the Kingdom
Exit Re Entry Visa Extension outside the Kingdom

Exit Re-Entry Visa Extension outside the Kingdom process has been clarified by Jawazat. Many people who are stuck in their countries or having issues to return to Saudi Arabia will be benefited from them. Details below.

Exit Re-Entry Visa Extension outside the Kingdom

The first thing to remember that this service is for temporary purposes only. So Make sure you renew the visa (Exit & Re-Entry) as soon as possible. The link to extend the visa is Another thing to keep in mind is that the Employer’s permission is required. This means your employer should be completing this.

In Case the application is for the spouse or dependants, the main or Primary individual must fill and request this. Iqama or Residence Card must be valid until the end of the extension period. The form must fill in electronic format and in Arabic. However, the names can be mentioned in English in the case of Non-Arab Names or passport type.

Saudi Citizens can apply for their spouse via the Saudi Embassy. We do not expect any time for this pandemic to be finished as it is up to the Saudi Government. It is advised to renew the exit re-entry to avoid any problems in the future. Also, if you are having any issue please contact your Employer or Jawazat.

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  1. Asalamualaykum i have confirm or ask with this website how to go back my work in K. A. S I have a visa but not expired. But this big problem the situation of airport of saudi and airport if Philippines is close,,, how,, my visa we’n finish of Is month on April is expired ,,,, how,,,, help,, to go back my work thank you and wasalam

    1. Ask your employer to extend you visa for few months better 3 months using the link on this page and wait till flights resume to travel back to KSA.

  2. Assalamualaikum, i am trying to extend exit re-entry visa for my family using this link but can’t understand how to do it, specially because it is in Arabic, can you please also make an article guiding step by step how to extend re-entry visa in this difficult time, JazakAllah khaer.

  3. What to do after filling this request.It gives you an application number and then what to do further procedure after printing the application.I have printed the application request with application number so what should I do next.It is for my personal house driver.

    1. If you have application number you can check the status after sometime on the page. I am trying to do but i am getting error all the time after the login step when the IAM redirects back to the MOFA website. Did you face any such issue.

      1. Yes, same problem with me, trying to login, after OTP redirection fails… trying to extend visa for my spouse.

  4. my cousin was not able to comeback here in KSA because of the pandemic and his visa already expired and i called their HR and told me nothing he can do because all government agencies are close and there is no option in absher nor muqeem to extend his visa. my question is, if there is can you please send a screenshot or steps what to do to extend his visa? my cousin is in Philippines right now. appreciate any help. thank you

  5. This link not working I try many times but fail why Saudi government not extand atomticly over visa we are in tention I ready pls extand over visa automatically like those who inside the kingdom nowwe have no idea what we do

  6. Same here. Trying to log in many times. After entering OTP getting message [system error please try later]. Need solution.

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