Expat Levy Quarterly Payments along with Iqama Fee – HR Ministry

expatriates riyadh xpress
expatriates riyadh xpress

Expat Levy Quarterly Payments along with Iqama Fee, the latest option which the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is starting to explore. More details below.

Expat Levy Quarterly Payments along with Iqama Fee – HR Ministry

The option if approved will allow expatriates to pay their Iqama/Work Permit and Expatriate Levy on a Quarterly based. Currently, Expats pay the fees stated above on yearly basis but the labor policy will be reviewed. This has come after Saudi Arabia has announced the Improvement of Contractural relationship for private-sector employees. The latest reforms initiated on November 4th which has changed or revamped the 70-year-old sponsorship system.

Labor Ministry is bringing the latest changes in the sponsorship system on 14th March 2021. But the Quarterly payments of Iqama and Expat Levy will be welcome by a lot of expats.

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