Employers and Staff to follow health safety guidelines – Saudi Arabia

Employers and Staff to follow health safety guidelines - Saudi Arabia

Employers and Staff to follow health and safety guidelines in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has asked the Employers and Staff to follow the health and safety measures. More Details below.

Employers and Staff to follow health safety guidelines – Saudi Arabia

To limit the spread of COVID19 or Coronavirus. Every ministry is playing a vital role in educating companies and people. The Ministry has asked the workers to follow the instructions carefully. And help in fighting against the Coronavirus. Any symptoms or cases should be reported to call centre immediately at 937.

Anyone returning to Saudi Arabia from abroad where there is Coronavirus Outbreak should self-isolate. And try to avoid contact for 14 days. In most cases, work from home and self-isolate but take employer’s permission.

Use of Hand Sanitizers or regular sterilization is really important. So, Devices like Fingerprint machines, keyboards, mouse and printers/copiers can infect the employees. It is advised to keep the sanitizers beside these devices. Doors, tables and other furniture items should be properly cleaned and sterilized as well. Avoid shaking hands regularly. And try to keep a distance of 1 meter where possible.

Ministerial advice called for the use of visual communication systems in place of workshops, meetings and training courses and, wherever possible, remote working.

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