Curfew Clarification by MOI on violation and exclusion

Curfew Clarification by MOI on violation and exclusion
Curfew Clarification by MOI on violation and exclusion

Curfew Clarification by Ministry Of Interior’s security spokesperson on violation and exclusion. The spokesperson Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub first talked about the curfew orders. He also mentioned that MOI is supporting other ministries in these global difficult times and implementing the changes/orders. More Details below.

Curfew Clarification by MOI on violation and exclusion

Lt. Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub mentioned that the curfew violations are recorded on a person not on vehicles. This means you can change the vehicle and consider that your time has been renewed. The written letter for any workers from the excluded individuals is required and they must obtain the permission card.

The HR Department of the companies or Employers should be able to support in getting these. There will be legal proceedings for people who do not follow the instructions. This includes any circulation or publishing of videos or pictures. And also disregarding the curfew orders.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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