643 violations reported in the first two days of opening mosques

643 violations reported in the first two days of opening mosques

643 violations reported in the first two days of opening mosques. These violations are against the coronavirus measures in place by the authorities. Saudi Arabia has opened the mosques after more than 2 months of closure across the Kingdom. There are social distancing measures that must be followed in order to maintain the measures. More details below.

643 violations reported

Where most of the people are following the guidelines and measures. The violations reported to Unified Call Center 1933, the call center by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs for any violations or grievances. 1,026 phone calls received the center which reported 643 violations.

Further, 383 inquiries processed and teams are continuously monitoring the situation. The assessment and visits are carried out by competent authorities to maintain social distancing measures. The calls mentioned about

  • Over Crowding
  • Non-compliance of social distancing
  • Individuals not wearing face masks
  • Absence of sanitizers
  • No Sterilization or proper disinfecting
  • Not keeping doors and windows open
  • Not abiding by the allowed timing of 10 minutes-rule between Azaan and Iqamat.
  • and not closing the restrooms or toilets
  • Some calls also mentioned holding Friday Prayers in smaller mosques which are not allowed.

Source: Okaz/ Saudi Gazette

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