WHO warned against the cases increase of covid variant

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WHO warned against the cases increase of covid variant. In a stark warning issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), the emergence of the JN.1 mutant has taken center stage in the global battle against the coronavirus. With an alarming prevalence rate of 66%, this variant has swiftly become the most widespread form of the virus across the globe, casting a shadow over the ongoing efforts to curb the pandemic.

WHO warned against the cases increase of covid variant

As of the latest update, the JN.1 mutant has permeated borders, making its presence felt in a staggering 71 countries. The rapid spread of this variant has heightened concerns among health officials and experts.

The 71 countries grappling with the infiltration of the JN.1 mutant now find themselves at the forefront of a race against time. Efforts to track and trace the variant’s movements, understand its behavior, and adapt public health measures accordingly have taken on a renewed sense of urgency. Governments, health agencies, and communities must unite in a collective effort to contain and combat this formidable adversary.

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