An Imminent decision to cancel the Sponsorship System in Saudi Arabia

sponsorship system
sponsorship system

Maal News Report: Stating that their sources confirms that the much-awaited news has now come forward for the expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. The decades-old Sponsorship system “Kafeel System” is going to be canceled. The trend came forward because of the recent changes and adoption of Saudi Arabia as part of vision 2030. The sponsorship always restricted the employer and employee relationship.

The abolition of sponsor systems in the Kingdom is visionary. The sponsorship system was issued in 1371 AH to maintain the relationship between Expatriate workers and employers. These usually carried out with the help of recruitment companies, the HR Department and ministries involvement. The exploitation cases of this system have created issues in the past which is the reason that shoura council and ministries starting discussing this issue.

The news is released by on 3rd February 2020. The cancellation of the current system will help Small and Medium Enterprises to increase localization and hire skilled expatriates. But this new change will be more beneficial for expatriates as they will not be the target of any abuse in the future. Saudi Gazette and other channels confirmed this today.

Services Expatriates can use if the implement succeed

  • Exit-Rentry Visa
  • Final Exit
  • Change of Sponsor
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