SAR 100,000 fine – if you carry a passenger without Iqama

passanger iqama
passanger iqama

There is an update on people who are travelling without an Iqama. As per the violation drivers will be fined SAR 100,000 if the passenger doesn’t have Iqama. It is considered a crime to transport a person without Iqama. And without proper Identification, any taxi, car, private and the bus driver will be responsible. More details below.

Police in Saudi Arabia has the right to stop and check your identification documents. If the person is holding an expired iqama. Drivers will still be dealing with the legality of the issue and the possibility of SAR 100,000. But there are still some conditions on the instances which can be seen below.

Penalties Conditions for transporting passenger without Iqama

  • First-time offenders transporting the illegal person. Fine SAR 15,000 and one month of prison time.
  • Second-time offenders transporting the illegal person. Fine SAR 30,000 and one month of prison time.
  • And Third-time offenders transporting the illegal person. Fine SAR 100,000 and one month of prison time.
  • But if the main driver is an expatriate, they will be deported.
  • Police will also take the vehicle due to violation.

So this means, drivers will need to check the iqama of their passengers. But in case they don’t want to share their identification. It is better not to carry them and be safe.

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  1. Ridiculous, so you have to show your iqama, to police, to guards, to ..almost every one including taxi driver??

    I am Not showing my iqama to any taxi /Uber/careem driver. I have my own carz but even then some instances when taking a ride, I will not be sharing my iqama .

    Let the beggers on road show their iqama.
    There’s plenty of them, I am curious how expat employed ppl are begging on the streets.

    I even was going to develop an app, for ppl to upload location and iqama copy of beggars they meet.. you want money show me your iqama. So it gets uploaded and we find out ppl that abuse the begging system or are legitimately in need of money.

    Now I have to show my iqama to taxi drivers to travel every time ?

    Iqama has 5 year validity, an expat has 1 year validity. Taxi drivers will have laptops /mobile to check our absher as well then..

    I think this is exaggerated news and would like to believe it isn’t the reality.

  2. Request to the authority concerned that all the establishments be checked, because lots of companies even in government projects like Metro have workers without iqama & surprisingly enough no salaries & medical insurances in spite of working for the establishments dropping the sweat of their foreheads on the earth for hours together. It would be highly appreciated from Almighty Allah also to save the sacred land of Hazrat Muhammad (swt)

  3. The newly issued iqamas don’t have an expiry date only issue date so how will the taxi driver make sure that the iqamas is indeed valid

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