New Release “CARKEY” allows you to unlock your car


We have all seen Apple Carplay and Android Auto in our cars and we can’t think about a car without these user interfaces. CARKEY will be one of the most advanced functions Apple has ever released. 9to5Mac mentioned about Carkey to be released as the first Beta in iOS 13.4. More details below.

What is so special about CARKEY?

CARKEY might be able to unlock, lock and start your car with iPhone or Apple watch. This is of the most advanced integration with cars. NFC Technology allows us to carry out the functions mentioned above. The idea behind the digital key is the same as your digital wallet Apple Pay. The Digital Key is part of your digital Apple wallet and car can be opened when you are in the range.

Sources say that they can also be shared with family or friends with the help of Wallet. Hyundai tested the digital Key with 2020 Sonata but for Android only. Apple CARKEY will be more utilized and universally used as more cars are adopting Carplay. Unlike Connected Apps from Volvo, BMW and other manufacturers where it is limited to some functions only.

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