Shops can operate 24 Hours in 2020

shops 24 hours
shops 24 hours

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Interior announced that shops can operate 24 hours in 2020. The Condition to operate shops 24 hours is conditional that cameras are installed from 1st January 2020.

Conditions to operate

Shops or Firms will be applying for a license. These licenses depend on the area of the shop and activity. The activity of the shops must not exceed SAR 100,000 to be eligible. Another factor that affects the license is the working hours and it should not affect the workers.

Exemptions from the fees

The Ministry has also exempted eight activities from the fees. These activities include wedding halls, rest houses, medical activities, pharmacies, education, fuel stations, hotels, hotel suites, and resorts.

Reason to open shops 24 hours

The Acting Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Majed Al-Qasabi said that “allowing commercial activities to function 24/7 will contribute to providing commodities.” He also added that “Services to the residents around the clock and enhance the quality of life in the Saudi cities.”

So another purpose of this change is to decrease the unemployment rate to 7 percent. The economy will also be benefited from this change.

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