SCTH found Tombstone in Makkah from the Early Period

Makkah Tombstone
Makkah Tombstone

An amazing discovery from the early Islamic period of Makkah. Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) found a Tombstone in Makkah. Naif Al-Qanur announced the discovery. Naif Al-Qanur is Director General of Registration and Preservation of Antiquities at the National Heritage Sector of SCTH. The Artifacts found at the digging works carried out by a contracting company.

Tombstone in Makkah

The Contracting company working on the smart parking lot found the artifact. The Location of the Cemetery where they found the artifact is north of Grand Mosque. The Tombstones carry Islamic calligraphy and a fraction of pottery dates back to the early Islamic period. These markings and writings make the discovery special because of its uniqueness. Artifacts are important because of the presence in the Holy City.

Director-General also mentioned that “These pieces of artifacts are being handed over to SCTH so that the specialists in the antiquities section can inspect and study them deeply.” A Specialise team of SCTH will not follow up and investigate further on the artifacts found.

The Mayoralty of Makkah announced the news from the official website. The Next digging work is coordinated between SCTH Makkah Branch and Contracting Company. Because of the importance of Artifacts, project will be carefully carried out. But nothing said about stopping the work yet.

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