4.4 Million Expat Violators and 1.1 Million Deported

expat violators
expat violators

Recent reports mention over 4.4 Million Expat Violators caught in the last two years. The Nation-Free of Violators campaign was launched in November 2017. It completed two years in November 2019. The Shocking number of 1.1 million violators also deported from Saudi Arabia. Below are further details on which cases.

Ministries involved in the campaign?

The Nation-Free of Violators campaign consisted of 19 ministries and government departments. The main lead of the project was by Jawazat. Jawazat is the Directorate general of passports. Ministry of Labor and Social affairs were also part of the campaign.

Case Details on Expat Violators

Around 78% Expatriate Worked caught for residency system violation. The Total number of cases is 3,444,531 (3.4 Million). 675,730 violations against the work laws and 285,728 against the border security system cases were part of cases. 80, 302 people tried to enter the Kingdom without proper authorization. These cases including 55 percent of Ethiopians trying to infiltrate into the Kingdom. 42 percent violators from Yemenis and three percent from other nationalities.

Around 15,000 expatriates detained in the centers. These numbers include 1,647 Women and 12,626 Men. The Campaign also included 1,794 Saudis out of which 1,755 interrogated, punished and released. 39 Saudis were still being probed. The campaign also referred 554,686 violators to consulates and embassies. 451,139 finalized the departure procedure. So, the Campaign concluded with 1,111,703 expatriates deported.

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