Saudis and Expats banned to travel to another country – Coronavirus

Banned to travel to iran
Banned to travel to iran

Saudis and Expats banned to travel to another country because of Coronavirus death and positive cases. This time the country is Iran. This is to reduce the risk of deadly Coronavirus spread and public safety. More details below.

Banned to travel to Iran

The risks to life and positive cases increased in Iran. But Non-Saudis will not be able to enter the Kingdom like the previous ban. The condition is that they can enter Saudi Arabia if they have spent 14 days incubation period.

“The decision banning Saudi citizens from traveling to Iran is still in place,” SPA report said quoting the Spokesman of the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat).

Saudi Gazette, 2020

These measures are to make sure that the people in Saudi Arabia are safe. The recent increase in cases and deaths updates are below.

The Iranian government confirmed two more deaths on Sunday, putting their total to eight, but Al Arabiya sources put the number initally at 18 and then at “more than 15.” On the same day, Iran International media outlet also put the number at 18 on its Arabic Twitter page.

Al Arabiya English, 2020

Al Arabiya’s report says the death number in Iran is 18.

Riyadh Xpress

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