Saudi Arabia to introduce compensation scheme for Hajj Pilgrims accommodation

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Saudi Arabia to introduce compensation scheme for Hajj Pilgrims accommodation. Ensuring Pilgrim Comfort: Saudi Arabia Introduces Compensation Scheme for Accommodation Delays. In a bid to enhance the pilgrimage experience for domestic pilgrims undertaking this year’s annual Hajj journey, Saudi Arabia has announced a new compensation scheme aimed at addressing accommodation issues caused by service providers.

Saudi Arabia to introduce compensation scheme for Hajj Pilgrims accommodation

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, pilgrims facing accommodation delays exceeding two hours in the holy city of Mecca or other sacred sites will receive compensation equivalent to 10 percent of the reserved accommodation package’s value. This initiative underscores the kingdom’s commitment to prioritizing pilgrim welfare and ensuring a seamless Hajj experience.

Furthermore, to deter service providers from repeated violations, penalties will be enforced, potentially reaching up to 15 percent of the accommodation package’s value upon recurrence. In cases where contracted companies fail to fulfill their obligations, the ministry will step in to provide alternative accommodation at the expense of the defaulting firm.

The compensation framework extends to delays in providing tents for pilgrims during Hajj rites, with pilgrims entitled to compensation for any breaches of contract or significant delays. For instance, pilgrims awaiting tent accommodation for more than two hours will receive a minimum compensation of SR300 or 2 percent of the package value, whichever is higher.

In the event of service non-compliance, verified complaints will be addressed promptly, with affected pilgrims receiving compensation not less than SR1,500 or 10 percent of the package value. This proactive approach demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s dedication to upholding contractual obligations and ensuring pilgrim satisfaction.

Last week, the kingdom launched e-registration for citizens and foreign Muslims residing within its borders, offering four Hajj packages priced between SR4,099 and SR13,265. These packages feature varying levels of accommodation to cater to diverse pilgrim preferences.

To facilitate payment, pilgrims have the option to settle the package fees in three installments, with deadlines aligned with significant Islamic lunar months. This flexible payment scheme aims to alleviate financial burdens and enable broader access to the sacred pilgrimage experience.

With global pilgrim numbers returning to pre-pandemic levels, as evidenced by the 1.8 million pilgrims who participated in last year’s Hajj, Saudi Arabia’s proactive measures underscore its commitment to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and spiritually fulfilling journey for all pilgrims. Hajj remains a fundamental Islamic obligation, embodying the principles of unity, equality, and devotion for millions of Muslims worldwide.

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