All you need to know about Saudi Founding Day 2024

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All you need to know about Saudi Founding Day 2024. “Join the Celebrations: Saudi Arabia Marks Founding Day with Historical Reverence and Festive Splendor!

All you need to know about Saudi Founding Day 2024

As February 22 dawns, Saudi Arabia dons its ceremonial garb to honor Founding Day, a newly minted public holiday etched into the calendar since 2022. This day serves as a poignant ode to the Kingdom’s illustrious past, tracing its lineage back to the genesis of the first Saudi state.

Back in February 1727, amidst the dusty streets of Diriyah, nestled in the northwest of Riyadh, Imam Muhammed bin Saud laid the cornerstone of what would burgeon into a formidable realm. History whispers tales of his valor, navigating the tumultuous tides of expansionism while warding off relentless incursions from eastern adversaries. Amidst these trials, the plague loomed large, yet Imam Muhammed’s unwavering resolve steered the nascent state towards resilience.

Echoes of Imam Muhammed’s legacy reverberate through the annals of time, illuminating the path for successive generations of Saudi rulers. Their stewardship, carrying forward “the torch of progress,” has sculpted Saudi Arabia into the vibrant tapestry it is today.

Fast forward two centuries, and the scion of Imam Muhammed, King Abdulaziz, wove the disparate threads of Najd and Hejaz into the seamless fabric of modern-day Saudi Arabia in 1932. This historic unification, immortalized as Saudi National Day since 2005, resonates with patriotic fervor every September 23.

Founding Day ignites a nationwide jubilee, igniting the spirit of unity and heritage across the kingdom. From Riyadh’s bustling thoroughfares to the shores of Jeddah and the vistas of Dammam, a medley of cultural extravaganzas, military pageantry, and aerial spectacles bedeck the landscape.

For denizens across the kingdom, Founding Day heralds a reprieve from the rigors of routine, with a blissful three-day respite cascading from Thursday to Saturday. Students, too, partake in the festivities, as February 22 heralds not just Founding Day but also the onset of a semester break, paving the way for cherished moments of respite.

As the curtains draw on the celebratory fervor, the kingdom gears up for the next chapter, with the academic semester poised to resume on March 3, culminating in the joyous crescendo of Eid al-Fitr on March 28. But for now, let the jubilant strains of Founding Day reverberate, as Saudi Arabia stands tall, rooted in its glorious heritage, poised for the promising horizon ahead!”

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