Riyadh Season 2023 launch and events [Video]

Riyadh Season 2023
Riyadh Season 2023

Riyadh Season 2023 launch and events are highlighted in the video released last night. The logo of the mega event mentions Big Time and it really looks massive leaving all previous seasons behind.

Riyadh Season 2023 launch and events

This Riyadh Season will be packed with lots of entertainment, activities, and events. Below is the video released by the official page of Riyadh Season.

Here’s what you can anticipate from Riyadh Seasons 2023, Big Time, starting on October 28:

  • BLVD Hall: A versatile structure constructed in just 60 days, spanning 200,000 square meters and accommodating up to 40,000 individuals.
  • BLVD City: Hosting unique experiences, with 60% of them being brand new.
  • Disney Castle: Marking a regional first, this castle will be erected to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary.
  • Impressive Dancing Fountain: Featuring cutting-edge technologies.
  • House of Hype: Combining immersive experiences and virtual reality under one roof.
  • Legends Museum by LaLiga: The world’s largest football museum, housing 30,000 artifacts and immersive experiences.
  • Boxing Club with Mike Tyson: In partnership with the champion boxer.
  • CR7 Experience: A museum dedicated to the football legend Ronaldo.
  • 433 Experience: Hosting global football stars and providing digital experiences.
  • WWE Experience: An interactive and unique experience.
  • 33 Shows and Concerts: Presented by artists from around the world.
  • Fourth Edition of the Joy Awards: The Middle East’s largest awards ceremony.
  • BLVD World’s Second Phase: Expanding by over 40% (1 million square meters) with 1,180 shops and 120 restaurants and cafes.
  • Wonder Garden: The largest mobile amusement park, spanning 500,000 square meters.
  • Al Murabaa Transformation: Becoming a permanent hub for exclusive restaurants from across the globe, including a new Fouquet’s hotel and restaurant.
  • The Groves: The third edition of this area will introduce innovative experiences.
  • VIA Riyadh: Riyadh’s newest ultra-luxurious destination, featuring numerous dining and shopping options, including the opening of the St. Regis hotel.
  • Riyadh Season Cup: Featuring a tournament involving Al Hilal, Al Nassr, and a global club.
  • Riyadh Season Tennis Cup: Two global tennis players will compete.
  • WWE’s Crown Jewel Event.
  • Padel World Championship.
  • Food Truck Festival: Hosting 100 food trucks from around the world, including those from New York, Tokyo, and London.

What is Riyadh Season?

Riyadh Season is a major entertainment and cultural event held annually in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It was inaugurated in 2019 as part of the Vision 2030 initiative, aimed at diversifying the Saudi economy and promoting tourism and entertainment in the country. Riyadh Season typically runs for several weeks, offering a wide range of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike.

Key Highlights

  1. Diverse Entertainment: Riyadh Season features a diverse lineup of entertainment options, including music concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and sporting events. International and local artists often perform, catering to a wide range of tastes and interests.
  2. Cultural Exhibitions: Visitors can explore the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula through various exhibitions. These displays often include historical artifacts, art installations, and interactive experiences that showcase the country’s traditions and history.
  3. Food and Cuisine: Food festivals and culinary events are a significant part of Riyadh Season. Foodies can enjoy a variety of cuisines, from traditional Saudi dishes to international delicacies, all served by local and international chefs.
  4. Shopping and Retail: The event also incorporates extensive shopping experiences, with various markets and pop-up shops offering unique and artisanal products, from fashion and jewelry to handicrafts and souvenirs.
  5. Family-Friendly Activities: Riyadh Season is family-friendly, with numerous activities for children and families, including amusement parks, playgrounds, and interactive exhibits.
  6. Sporting Events: Sports enthusiasts can attend or participate in various sporting events, from traditional Saudi sports like falconry and camel racing to international competitions.
  7. Nightlife: As the sun sets, Riyadh Season comes alive with vibrant nightlife options, including live music, outdoor cinemas, and themed parties.
  8. Urban Development: Hosting Riyadh Season has also led to infrastructure development and beautification of the city, with new parks, recreational areas, and cultural venues enhancing the urban landscape.
  9. Tourism Boost: The event has played a crucial role in attracting both domestic and international tourists to Riyadh, contributing to the city’s economic growth and its transformation into a cultural and entertainment hub.

Riyadh Season has been instrumental in reshaping the perception of Riyadh as a cultural and entertainment destination. It has become a significant annual event, drawing visitors from across Saudi Arabia and around the world, and fostering a sense of community and cultural pride in the region.

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