Riyadh Airports interactive analysis to monitor social distancing

Riyad airport 2
Riyad airport 2

“Riyadh Airports” launched a project “interactive analysis to monitor social distancing” at King Khalid International Airport. This is one of the latest smart technologies that rely on the use of special software via artificial intelligence technologies And machine learning, the first of its kind, at the airport level in the Middle East.

Riyadh Airports interactive analysis to monitor social distancing

This step is a continuation of the strategic direction of “Riyadh Airports” in upgrading the passenger experience and raising the level of safety at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus emerging (COVID-19) by applying all precautionary and preventive measures based on the principle of social distancing.

The safety of all travelers, and the continuous endeavor to develop performance according to the latest applied technologies, to enhance the concept of digital transformation and localization of technology, which accompanies the Kingdom’s approach to the use of artificial intelligence.

“Riyadh Airports” indicated that this technology will make a quantum leap in achieving social distancing. As the system began to be implemented gradually starting from the terminal (5) after resuming flights in it. And it also provides a safe and comfortable travel experience for all airport travelers and visitors. This will be achieved with

  • The actual application of precautionary precautions
  • By harnessing optimal modern technologies such as social distancing observation technology and distance tracking technology (BI – AI-driven contagion model).
  • Activating the latest practices of artificial intelligence and business intelligence; That work to determine the areas where passengers are crowded,
  • And send instant alerts to the operational teams at the Riyadh Airports Company. Through which the operational teams are able to monitor the social distance and track the distances between travelers and their movements within the hall; To take the necessary and direct actions in these areas.
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