Jawazat to temporary allow people to extend exit re-entry [VIDEO]

Jawazat extend exit re entry
Jawazat extend exit re entry

Jawazat to temporarily allows people to extend exit re-entry. This is for people who are unable to come back within the 72 hours period given by Saudi Arabia and due to unavailability or other reason. Source and details are below.

Jawazat to temporary allow people to extend exit re-entry

People who are already outside Saudi Arabia and unable to return. This can be because of the unavailability of flights or temporary suspension of travel and flights. The extension can be done via the Absher online platform for a temporary period. There is an extra section in Asbher for temporary basis only. It is advised to login to Absher as soon as possible to extend your holidays. Hope this will ease some stress which people were having on their vacations. The Video can be seen below where they announced this.

Saudi Local Channel, 2020
Riyadh Xpress

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    1. Kindly inform how to follow the procedure in absher

      1. Contact your company’s HR.

        1. HR said need to wait for re-entry visa expiration and after re-entry visa expired then apply for visa extension, is this true ? Can we request extension of re-entry visa before it expires ?

  1. Is there any extension provision for re entry visa for those within the kingdom and unable to go to their native or abroad for extending their visa due to Corona related travel ban or flight problem, kindly consider this problem

  2. There is no such provision in Absher , I have tried it

  3. i try too much.there is no option to extened exit reentry .so kindly guide us.

  4. Peoples won’t be able to login their absher account from out side kingdom.

  5. If their any web side can renew exit re entry visa jawasat because i am on my vacation out side kingdom saudi arabia this side absher is no option available to renew the visa if any one can help me kindly sent me the web link for my e mail adress thank you

    1. Contact your company’s HR.

  6. How to extend family exit re entry visa. Family is outside KSA .

    1. Cannot if they are outside the Kingdom.

      1. is it confirmed news that we cannot renew if they are outside the Kingdom?

  7. Yes its possible to extend your visa even if you are outside of KSA.I am fron Jeddah,Saudi Arab.

    Due to recent covid-19 issue there is a lot of expat who they are on vacation in their homecountry. If you need help for extending your Saudi Visa.You can send me your queries –

    1. Dear M Sajiv,

      please share the process for extending the family re-entry visa as per current rules.


  8. My family’s final exit Visa is expiring on this 1st of April, now cannot go to home country due to travel ban, also my iqama is expiring on this 9th april.please advice

    1. Hi Nelson
      did you find any solution for your family’s exit visa?
      please reply me bcoz i am also in same situation.


  9. One of my kid is currently outside KSA. I too didn’t find any Option on Absher to extend the Exit Reentry visa (going to expire in 5 days. Although, a lot of announcement is made but seems not implemented.
    Due to current situation, getting no help or response from HR also. IF there is any way to do it pl. advise.

    1. Salam,
      Do you managed to extend the re entry visa.?My family is outsidw the kingdom too and the re entry visa will be expires in couple of days. Kindly advised

      1. If you extend your Family’s exit re entry please let me know because i have the same case.

    2. My situation is same for my Family Visa expairs on 3-4-20. if you get any solution watsup me 0506219298 Abdul Hamid

  10. sir, please advise how to extend exit reentry visa for family. in Absher no option.
    kindly help

  11. How to extend exit re entry(going to expire in 4-days) of family who is iqama holders and out the kingdom due to lock down and international flights cancellation.
    Please guide how to extend it through absher?

    1. r u able to renew the exit re entry visa of your family

  12. Dear Admin.
    my family is out of kingdom and exit re entry will expire soon.. please advise how we can get done online extension of exit re entry .

  13. Hi there,
    Yes actually you can do extend your exit re-entry visa ..but its not something like renewal.It will be issued again. If u need help you can write me up –

    1. DEar Shiv,

      Please share the process for extending the re entry visa.


  14. S/a please help me any people my Visa expire only 15days balance how I can extend my re entry Visa please help me sir my whatsup no +919199613908. My mail is

  15. any one able to extend family exit re entry visa. please advise how it can be done.

  16. my exit reentry visa expired on 27 march now how can i return to saudi for work

  17. DEar Shiv,

    Please share the process for extending the re entry visa.


  18. My Visa is valid till 25 April 2020 but I am unable to back Saudi Arabia due to outbreak of Corona virus there is no flight running between India and Saudi Arabia till 30 April 2020. Flight is started 1 may 2020 then my Visa is expired.
    How can I extend my Visa.

  19. Assalamu alaykum
    I alredy checked to extend exit re-entry visa for me but absher not possibility to extend visa.

    my visa alredy finished 7 april but india & Saudi Arabia both country lockwdown. so pls help me how to extend my exit re-entry visa ?

    sufiyan sheikh

  20. Its possible to extend your exit re entry visa even you are not in KSA for details you may contact –
    Or whatsapp : 0538221283

  21. My and my family exit will lapse on 2nd of May beacuse of ban i can’t travel in this situation what is the procedure to extend exit through Absher kindly advice .jazakallah khair my wtsup number 0502387392.

  22. Kindly reply to my query Shaikh Mohammad iqbal

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