Flight Disruptions until year-end – Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines no cancellation fees
Saudia Airlines no cancellation fees

Flight Disruptions until the year-end. The news has been published on Al-Arabiya that Saudia Airlines is not expecting flights to be fully operational till the end of the year. Reuters also published this news and it is according to internal emails seen by them. More details below.

Flight Disruptions until year-end – Saudia Airlines

Globally these kinds of issues are expected, but the situation can change anytime if the situation gets better. Airlines have asked, “some cabin crew employees to suspend their contracts until then.” Aviation industry has taken a real hit with the pandemic situation and many airlines are taking similar steps like British Airways.

“Flight operations shall not be returning to normal, until December 2020, expectedly,” the airline said in two separate emails to cabin crew in which they were requested to suspend their contracts from this month until the end of the year.

Al Arabiya, 2020

Etihad and Emirates are starting their service gradually. There are still some services running for Saudia Airlines to bring back the Saudi Citizens. This can change and we hope people can get back to their jobs.

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