Female Baloot players taking part in Saudi Championship

baloot 2020 1
baloot 2020 1

Female Baloot players taking part in Saudi Championship. The championship has 520 teams with two rounds for female players. The second day of the tournament held in Riyadh Front. It included the enthusiast’s players from different parts of the Kingdom. More details below.

How to play Baloot Game?

Each game consists of four players and a team of two partners. Eight cards are distributed to each player making it 32 card set. There are two ways of playing “Judges suit, Arabic: أوراق الحكم / حكم(Hokom)‎” and “Sǔn صـن (Sǔn)”.

Picture from Arab News, 2018

Origin of Baloot Game

The game used to be famous since the Ottoman Empire’s time. And it has been brought by Indian Immigrants who use to travel for trading purposes. But the origin believes to come from France where it is called Belote.

Arab news video on twitter

There is a SAR 2 million prize for the players who will win the competition. The law student shown in the video above is positive that she can take this money home. She is also joined by her friends.

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