Consulate General of Pakistan Strongly Refutes the Deportation News of Pakistani Expatriates

deportation news riyadh xpress
deportation news riyadh xpress

Deportation News

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – The Consulate General of Pakistan (Jeddah) strongly refutes the ongoing campaign in some segments of social media portraying that Pakistani expatriates across Makkah region are being held and deported by the Saudi Authorities.

Deportation News

The Consulate General has been in contact with the relevant Saudi authorities. The Consulate General has been informed that Saudi authorities routinely apprehend and deport illegal expatriates from all nationalities. The exercise continues with varying intensity throughout the year. The recent drive has been initiated for the last one week focusing mainly on the expatriates;

  • WIthout Iqama or expired iqama.
  • Illegal workers.
  • And, those working not at their place of Iqama or out of the declared profession.

In this connection, around 400 Pakistanis have brought to the Shumaisi Deportation Centre near Makkah over the last three days.

The assumption that it is a Pakistan-specific drive is completely incorrect. Propagation of such news through social media has created unnecessary anxiety and unrest in the Pakistani community. Certain social media sections are also giving it a misleading political angle. It is in the interest of the deep-rooted Pak-Saudi brotherly relations that such a baseless and irresponsible twist avoided at all costs.

We advise the Pakistani community in the Kingdom to remain calm and not to pay attention to this fabricated social media campaign. The Consulate General of Pakistan is in regular contact with the Saudi authorities in the matter and is also taking all possible measures, within local rules and regulations, to protect the interests of the Pakistani community.

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