Curfew Update – List of Activities excluded by Ministry of Interior

Curfew Update - List of Activities excluded by Ministry of Interior

Curfew Update – List of Activities excluded by the Ministry of Interior has been mentioned. These activities include some of the important points of sales and sectors which are key during these hard times. More Details and the list below.

Curfew Update – List of Activities excluded by Ministry of Interior

Below are activities and sectors excluded from this curfew.

  • The Food Sector Point of sale. This includes Supermarkets, Vegetable shops, catering, poultry, meat, bakeries, food factories.
  • The Health Sector employees and related to this sector. This includes Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Labs, Factories of medical materials and devices.
  • Limited Media Sector.
  • Transportation sector but only transporting parcels and goods, customs clearance, warehouses, logistics, supply chains of health and food and transporting goods.
  • E-Commerce Sector or activities related to it. People working in E-Purchases applications and delivery applications.
  • Accommodation Services including hotels and apartments (Furnished).
  • The Energy Sector including fuel stations and emergency services of Saudi Electricity Company.
  • Insurance and Financial services sector including Najm, Urgent Health Insurance Services, and other related insurance services.
  • The Telecom Sector which means network, Communication and internet operators.
  • Water Sector which provides home drinking water delivery and emergency services.

(Source: Saudi Press Agency, 2020)

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