Curfew Imposed in Saudi Arabia by King Salman

Curfew Imposed in Saudi Arabia by King Salman
Curfew Imposed in Saudi Arabia by King Salman

Curfew Imposed in Saudi Arabia by King Salman. The custodian of Two Holy Mosques King Salman ordered the curfew to limit the spread of Novel Coronavirus in the Kingdom. More details below.

Curfew Imposed in Saudi Arabia by King Salman

The curfew will be after 7 pm till 6 am and it will remain for the next 21 days. This curfew will start on Monday 23rd March 2020. However, there is still some information mentioned by the Saudi Press agency which can be seen below.

The Ministry of Interior shall take the necessary measures to implement the curfew, and all civil and military authorities must cooperate fully with the Ministry of Interior in this regard.

Saudi Press Agency, 2020

The curfew is excluded from employees of the vital sectors of the public and private sectors whose work requires continued performance during the prevention period, and that includes employees of the security, military and media sectors, and workers in the sensitive health and service sectors, for which a detailed statement is issued by the Ministry of Interior, bearing in mind that This shall be in the narrowest scope and in accordance with the procedures and controls set by the concerned authority.

Saudi Press Agency, 2020

Everyone besides the above must remain at home.

Riyadh Xpress

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