Women Playing Cards inside Makkah – Masjid Al Haram

women playing cards makkah
women playing cards makkah

4 women playing cards inside Makkah is one of the most viral news currently. The sight has not been experienced before inside any mosque let alone the holy mosque. Below is full detail and image which went viral.

The sight shocked the Muslims. Mosques are made for Prayer, Quran, and Education. But killing time by playing cards does not really fulfil the purpose of visiting mosques.

The Nationalities of the women in the picture is still unknown. It is currently one of the most viral pictures on social media. The reactions from people after looking at the picture has raised a debate. The picture taken at night time near the King Abdul Aziz Gate of Masjid Al Haram.

Actions taken by Authorities?

The authorities already took the required actions at the time of the event. The supervisor asked the women to respect the mosque and stop playing the game. After the action, women respected the authorities and left the place without any argument.

The Presidency of Masjid Al Haram in Makkah and Prophet’s Mosque in Madina later confirmed that they told the women not play the board game inside the mosque.

However previously 4 young boys got arrested in 2015 for the same activity in Madina. The debate on social media has also jogged the memory of the incident. People are discussing about such scenarios.

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  1. I m feeling Very shame of myself Wats happening in the holy place
    Oh my Allah pls sav us

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