Weather warning for Eid holidays in Saudi Arabia

thunderstormrain riyadh xpress
thunderstormrain riyadh xpress

Weather warning for Eid holidays in Saudi Arabia. Eid Advisory: Caution Urged for Highway Drivers and Picnickers Amid Weather Fluctuations in Saudi Arabia.

Weather warning for Eid holidays in Saudi Arabia

Highway travelers and beachgoers in Saudi Arabia are cautioned about unpredictable weather conditions during the Eid Al Fitr holiday this week.

Hussain Al Qahtani, spokesperson for the Saudi National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), advises the public to closely monitor weather forecasts, especially during Eid Al Fitr festivities, marking the end of Ramadan.

Al Qahtani warns of anticipated weather changes, including strong winds, hail showers, and reduced visibility, emphasizing the need for vigilance among highway users and coastal and elevated picnickers.

The Saudi Civil Defence Directorate anticipates a new wave of rainfall across much of the kingdom until Thursday, urging heightened vigilance and precautionary measures.

Parts of Makkah and nearby areas are expected to face moderate to heavy rainfall, leading to potential flooding, hail showers, and dusty winds.

Rainfall is also forecasted for Najran, Jizan, and Al Baha in the southwest, Medina in the west, the Northern Borders, the Eastern Province, Tabuk in the northwest, and Al Qasim in the central region.

NCM reports indicate medium to heavy rainfall in Riyadh and surrounding areas. With the upcoming three-day Eid festival, which typically sees increased travel, the General Authority for Roads stresses safety measures, including seat belt use, adherence to speed limits, and avoiding distractions like mobile phones while driving. Proper child seating is emphasized. Motorists are advised to get sufficient rest before traveling and cautioned against driving in rainy conditions.

The authority notes a 15% rise in traffic accidents during holidays compared to the rest of the year.

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