Solar Eclipse 2019 – The Ring of Fire

solar eclipse
solar eclipse

The world has witnessed Solar Eclipse 2019 today. The Ring of Fire is a fascinating play of nature that we have witnessed today. December 26 has been marked the day of the annular solar eclipse. Unfortunately, some countries like India were unable to view the ring of fire because of clouds.

The Ring of Fire was visible from the following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • India
  • Sumatra
  • Borneo
  • Guam
  • Philippines

The partial eclipse was also visible from other parts of the world. This includes Asia, Australia, and African countries. During the eclipse, the moon directly crosses in front of the sun. This makes a breathtaking view of a ring-shaped fire.

The first location of the annual solar eclipse was seen in Riyadh. The specific location of the first sighting was 137 miles northeast of Riyadh.

Time Table of different regions for solar eclipse 2019

LocationAnnular BeginsPartial EndsDuration
Hofuf, Saudi Arabia6.34 am7.48 am2 minutes 55 seconds
Mangalore, India9.24 am11.03 am1 minute 49 seconds
Jaffna, Sri Lanka9.33 am11.21 am3 minutes 8 seconds
Singapore1.22 pm3.18 pm1 minute 58 seconds
Sarangani, Philippines2.29 pm3.57 pm2 minutes 25 seconds
Guam4.54 pmafter sunset3 minutes 4 seconds

How to view the sun safely?

Looking directly at the sun can cause damage to the eyes. It is recommended not to see the sun directly with naked eyes. Permanent eye damage is also possible if proper eye protection is not worn. The Special Protective Eyewear or eclipse glasses must be used to view. Basic sunglasses are not recommended as it doesn’t protect the eyes completely.

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