Saudi Arabia to open visas for three more countries and it’s free

Saudi more Visas
Saudi more Visas

Saudi Arabia to open the visas for three more countries. An official decision was made by the authorities to allow residents of three Gulf States. These states include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

The decision made as part of Saudi Vision. Modern Saudi Arabia is opening its doors to everyone in the world. The Citizens and Expats living in these states will be able to get a three-day free visa. The Three-day visa will allow visitors to attend the events in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia already hosted major festivals and events this year. The visitors have enjoyed MDL Beast Festival, Riyadh Season and Diriyah Season. Riyadh Season was extended because of the response. Saudi Arabia wants to increase these types of events to achieve its goal of tourism.

By 2030, Saudi Arabia aims to host a hundred million annual visitors. Saudi Arabia also released electronic and on-arrival visas were for 49 countries. Click here to read about it more.

Saudi Arabia opened its door for everyone

The Tourist Visa introduced to welcome the international talent and diverse audience. These forward-thinking steps are helping Saudi Arabia to integrate with other countries. The new citizenship plan will also attract talents from around the world. The luxury life of the Middle East is famous in western countries. It is also an attraction for the Muslim talent to make their life comfortable. Many families have lived here for decades and helped Kingdom grow.

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