Saudization plan revealed for transport and logistics sector

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Saudization plan revealed for transport and logistics sector. In a bid to boost employment opportunities for its citizens, the Saudi government is spearheading an ambitious initiative aiming to create 23,000 jobs in the thriving transport and logistics sector, according to a statement from a transport official. Ahmed Al Hassan, Assistant Minister of Transport and Logistics Services, revealed that the ministry’s plan involves localizing 10,000 jobs in heavy transport, 3,000 in passenger transportation, and an additional 10,000 in the air transport sector, targeting 28 different professions.

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Speaking at a youth empowerment session in Al Qassim, central Saudi Arabia, Al Hassan emphasized the role of the Saudi Logistics Academy, launched in 2021, in nurturing young Saudi talent and supporting the kingdom’s aspirations to become a global logistics hub. The academy has already graduated 450 trainees, contributing to the development of a skilled workforce.

Saudi Arabia, home to a significant migrant worker community, has been actively implementing initiatives to prioritize its nationals over foreign workers in various sectors. The “Saudisation” labor policy, introduced in recent years, extends to fields such as education, telecommunications, and real estate.

In December, Saudi labor authorities implemented a decision to Saudize jobs in sales, purchases, and project management. Sales professions witnessed an initial Saudization rate of 15%, covering roles like sales manager, retail sales manager, sales specialist, wholesale manager, information technology and telecom equipment specialist, and sales agent. The move aims to increase Saudi engagement in the labor market, with the Ministry of Health following up on decisions, including plans to localize the dental profession by 35% from next March.

Private sector institutions are encouraged to hire Saudis through incentives and support programs provided by the Ministry of Human Resources. These incentives encompass assistance in finding qualified employees, training, employment continuity, and access to Saudi employment support programs. Notably, ministerial decrees issued in mid-2022 restricted certain sectors, such as optics jobs, customer services, licensed aviation professions, sales outlets, and periodic car checks, exclusively to Saudi workers. The kingdom is actively working towards fostering a robust and self-sufficient job market for its citizens.

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