Saudi Model Rumy al-Qahtani to Make Kingdom’s Miss Universe Debut

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Saudi Model Rumy al-Qahtani to Make Kingdom’s Miss Universe Debut. Excitement surged across social media platforms as Saudi model Rumy al-Qahtani broke the news of her upcoming participation in the prestigious Miss Universe 2024 pageant, scheduled to dazzle audiences in Mexico this September.

Saudi Model Rumy al-Qahtani to Make Kingdom’s Miss Universe Debut

Hailing from Riyadh, the acclaimed model took to Instagram to share her enthusiasm, expressing deep honor in representing her nation on the global stage.

In a heartfelt post, adorned with the Saudi flag and her official “Miss Universe Saudi Arabia” sash, al-Qahtani proclaimed her pride in being part of Saudi Arabia’s inaugural journey into the Miss Universe competition.

With over a million followers on Instagram, her announcement garnered widespread attention, reflecting the immense anticipation surrounding her participation.Al-Qahtani’s foray into pageantry is no sudden leap; she boasts a rich history of representing the Kingdom in various international events, including Miss Arab Peace, Miss Planet, and Miss Middle East, among others.

Her commitment to showcasing Saudi culture and heritage shines through not only in her captivating presence on stage but also in her choice of attire, often adorned with traditional Saudi designs.In interviews with the media, al-Qahtani has articulated her passion for promoting the rich tapestry of Saudi Arabia’s cultural legacy, underscoring her role as a cultural ambassador on the global platform.

As the countdown to Miss Universe 2024 begins, all eyes are on Rumy al-Qahtani, as she prepares to captivate audiences and proudly represent the Kingdom in this iconic competition.

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