New Year 2020 brings Tourist Tax for travelers

Tourist Tax
Tourist Tax

The New Year Eve celebrated with an amazing attitude. But New Year 2020 also bring Tourists Tax for some vacation hotspots. In the past year, tourist taxes introduced in mainly European countries. Here are details on how much you will pay as a Tourist Tax for your next European holiday.

The Tax implemented in European Countries mainly. But with the increase in Tourism, it is predicted that it might be implemented in other countries outside the EU. Here are details by vacation hotspots.

Tourist Tax by Country – Part 1

  • Venice Tourist to increase in 2020. Depending on the time of travel, the tax can be €3 – €10.
  • Austria’s Tourist Tax Starts from €0.36 per night in Vienna but it can go up to 3.2% of hotel cost per person. Children are exempt under 14.
  • Belgium’s rate varies by city but ranges between €2.12 – €4.25 per person per night. Brussels is the most expensive because it is the capital city.
  • Bulgaria’s tax is low but it can be very high depending on place you are visiting. So it varies between €0.10 per night to €7 per person.

Expats Visa Holders for these countries will be allowed to enter in Kingdom

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