New Whatsapp Scam for users in Saudi Arabia

whatsapp scam
whatsapp scam

Hackers found a new phone scam for WhatsApp users living in Saudi Arabia. Reports say there is a huge increase in hacking cases. Phone Scams are not new and internet criminals have found various ways to gain advantages. The Internet Crimes are monitored and dealt as normal crimes but users can avoid it on their own. Here are the details, so get ready to find out what the new scam is.

Whatsapp Scam

In the initial stages of the scam. Users receive messages from their contacts. In this message, there is a request of code to join the group but sometimes it can be a copy of ATM card. They ask you for your ATM Card copy to tell you that they are going to deposit money. Users don’t realise that they are not talking to their contacts but a duplicate hacker.

An Unknown person asks you to join a group. In the mordern world of uncertainity, never join a group when the other person is unknown because you don’t know who the person is. Learn from the new Netflix series “Don’t F**k with Cats”. It is not all great on the internet world.

Once the Hacker receives a code from user, they can easily use your device. They can even send message to your contacts for scamming them. They use the same technique with the contact list of the main victim acting on your behalf.

The solution to the problem

Everybody knows the solution but this is the reminder to everyone. This is what we have heard from our parents and it’s not changed in the internet world. Do not share any information with unknown people or some cases do not talk to strangers. Ignore links which are not recognised on text or WhatsApp messages. Never share your personal data without proper investigation. No Corporate company will ask you for a code via phone so do not give them a code. If you are unsure always investigate because it is better to ask questions than being sorry. The suspicious message may come from 330330  but it can be another number as well.

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